Our IV method can make a huge impact on your health

Wellness starts with balance. Both your mind and body rely on essential vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and nutrients for the ingredients to create, maintain, and restore them.

IV method therapy is an advocate of healthy balance by delivering these ingredients and a multitude of health benefits directly into the bloodstream. It directs these important elements straight to the source in need and quickly improves the function of your system. Your body requires a daily dose of vitamins and nutrients just to sustain a normal balance, and while the exact level varies from person to person, the demands of life make it difficult to physically consume the necessary and adequate amount of these key factors.

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IV therapy ensures these nutrients are 100% absorbed through your bloodstream to maximize their effects. This method guarantees these vitamins are delivered directly into your bloodstream and distributed to the cells that need them. Not only does this avenue accelerate the effectiveness of treatment, but it’s also more efficient – saving you time throughout the day and preserving your body’s energy.

Comfort IV is a way for your body to experience the full capabilities of nutrients. When the same vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are taken orally, much of the benefits are lost in the process and absorbed by your stomach, throat, and overall digestive system instead of going straight to the source in need. Taking multivitamins or supplements orally can’t supply your body with the full potential of these ingredients due to the metabolic process. Its process of metabolizing supplements significantly reduces the amount that actually enters the bloodstream to be utilized. Additionally, the digestive system is made to get rid of excess fluids, which can lead to flushing out many of the nutrients your gut has stored.

By using the IV method, your body doesn’t have to rely on the digestive system and can retain more of these essential components and benefits. IV therapy creates less wasted nutrients and more advantages for your body to immediately outsource and integrate the benefits of the vitamins and fluids we provide at Comfort IV.

In addition to treating illnesses and restoring hydration, IV therapy proponents also increase athletic performance, reduce jet lag, build immunity, promote skin health and appearance, improve brain function and focus, and help manage stress and anxiety by effectively replenishing nutrients the body is lacking.