Interested in Working With a Comfort IV Team?

Are you passionate about on-demand IV services to help people stay hydrated and recover? We are growing rapidly and we’re recruiting talented Registered Nurses who are looking for additional employment, freelance work or flex jobs that allow you to increase your income while helping people, we want to talk to you!

What the job is:

We market for and generate location-based IV infusions in our markets. We work with affiliate partners like you – registered nurses who want to make extra income – to provide the services to our customers.

When you become one of our affiliates with ComfortIV, you’ll use your own equipment and our supplies

you give us your schedule and bring you clients to provide service for. You will provide location IV services, much the way an Uber driver would drive clients. It can be a rewarding and simple way to earn extra income!

What are the qualifications:

You need to be a licensed RN in your area and have a working knowledge of your market.

You will need your own supplies, which we can help you source.

You should have excellent people skills and an entrepreneurial drive to be successful!

How do I apply to become a ComfortIV Affiliate?

Fill out the affiliate form on this page and start a conversation with us.

You can also email us a resume to [email protected]


Affiliate Application

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